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The Water Initiative Needs YOU! – Market Research for “Scaling Up Investments in Watershed Services”

Another discussion that came out of last week’s Water Retreat was the need for the Water Initiative and Forest Trends to better understand the worldview of other actors in the water space.  Do water managers, civil engineers, and regulators see the looming water problems in the same way as we do? Or do they have other pressing concerns such as decaying infrastructure, shrinking budgets, and increasing demand? As we seek to scale up investments in watershed services and grow our community of practice, our group needs to understand what drives and motivates other actors in the space, so that we can talk to them in language they understand, to help them with problems that they have.

Over the next few weeks, the Water Initiative team will be conducting a series of interviews with stakeholders in a number of areas in the water sector – from IWS practitioners to development banks to oil and gas companies.  We will be asking them a range of questions to meet four objectives:

  1. Understand what interviewees see as the key issues for water management in their region, industry, or watershed;
  2. Understand to what extent interviewees are familiar with IWS/NI solutions and how they are effective in water management;
  3. Understand what the key barriers for increasing use of IWS/NI solutions to solve water problems are; and
  4. Understand where interviewees get their information from, who they see as key influencers, and what would encourage them to change their current watershed management strategies.

The goal of this exercise is to reach out beyond our circle of friends and see what the rest of the world looks like – so we need your help! Each of you has contacts out there that would be useful to use in answering our questions – and we want to interview them! In the next week, email me with your contacts from our key audiences – or fill out our easy-to-use form.

Who are we looking for?

  • People who could serve as champions for IWS
  • People who may not be involved in or proponents of IWS, but are knowledgeable about decision-making within their sector or region

Please take a few minutes to send us the name and organization of your contacts – so that we can reach our goals for IWS and Forest Trends together.