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Visa Information For Katoomba Peru

Katoomba Peru is only eight months away.  We hope to have representatives of each project be able to attend the conference, so for those who will be attending, it’s important to starting thinking about visa requirements early.

For citizens of Brazil, Mexico, and Bolivia, no visas are necessary, but it’s more complicated for citizens of China and African countries.


Chinese citizens wishing to apply for a tourist visa to Peru must submit the following documents:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Proof of return flight
  3. Completed application form. Peru Tourist Visa Application Form: Chinese
  4. Two passport-size photos with white background
  5. Proof of hotel booking in Peru
  6. Documents that guarantee the applicant’s financial situation (three to six months bank statement)
  7. Payment of US$30.

A personal interview may also be required, as well as any additional information as requested by the consular officer.

Further information at http://www.embperuchina.com.

Ghana and Kenya

The South African consulate recommends that citizens of Ghana and Kenya being the application process for tourist visas by mid-November or December. Creation and evaluation of the visa application take about 2-3 weeks each.

In order to apply for a visa, the applicant should submit:

  1. Two application forms, filled out, signed in, and fingerprinted. Visa Application Form: Citizens of African Countries
  2. Letter of presentation including personal details, job description, and the purpose of going to Peru.
  3. Copy of a passport valid for at least 90 days beyond the time of stay in Peru.
  4. Copy of itinerary or flight schedule.
  5. Invitation letter from Peru.
  6. Color, passport sized photos with white backgrounds and no glasses
  7. Copy of hotel reservations, contacts in Peru, or the address of the place where applicant will stay.
  8. Three months bank statement of the applicant.

These documents should be scanned and emailed to the Consular section at embaperu6@telkomsa.net.  This will create a portfolio to be evaluated.  An approval notification email will notify the applicant of next steps. If everything is okay, the applicant will be instructed to send his/her passport and the original visa application form to the Embassy in South Africa. The amount of the visa fee will also be included in the email (equivalent to US$30).

According to the South African consulate, if all documents are in order, the entire process can be done without travel to South Africa. However, a personal interview or travel to South Africa may be required in individual cases, so applicants should apply early.

Further information is available at: http://embassyofperu.co.za/index.php/tourist-visa



Rimac Watershed Framework for project development


this is not the rimac …

Please see the attached reports that Kieser and Associates has developed for the Rimac Watershed, that feeds the city of Lima.  The objective of this work is to generate a performance-based project selection and priorization scheme for the recently created water fund, Aquafondo.  Would love to hear comments on the document and its relevance for your work.

 K&A DRAFT Phase I Technical Report 091712 v3 Task 7 Draft Memorandum 6-6-13 v3

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VIDEO: Interviews with Francois Muenger (SDC) and Roger Loyola (MINAM)

Check out this video, featuring interviews with Roger Loyola, Director General of the Office of Evaluation, Valuation, and Financing of Natural Heritage, part of the Ministry of Environment of Peru, and Francois Muenger, Head of Global Water Initiatives Program at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The interviews were done last week while Mr. Muenger visited the SDC mission in Lima, Peru – in part to meet with individuals from the Ministry of Environment and other partner organizations working on the Watershed Services Incubator established in MINAM last year as part of a partnership with Forest Trends’ water initiative. The interviews are in Spanish.