Third School for Reciprocal Watershed Agreements/Escuela Acuerdos Reciproco por Agua

Escuela de AraFundacion Natura Bolivia will continue its successful Escuela Acuerdos Reciproco por Agua  (ARA) (School for Reciprocal Watershed Agreements).

The intensive six-day workshop seeks to inspire leaders in the Latin America region to expand and multiply the development of ARA.  This year, two schools will be offered in August and October.

Read more about the experiences of a participant in the first Escuela de ARA on Valorando Naturaleza here:

Download the invitation to the workshop –  Carta invitación 3era. Escuela Acuerdos Reciprocos por Agua - and the application form - Formulario de aplicacion a la 3era Escuela de Acuerdos Recriprocos por Agua.

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