The Water Initiative is Hiring!

The Water Initiative is hiring for two new positions.

Program Associate – Water Initiative

Forest Trends is seeking a Program Associate to join the Water Initiative’s small team and international network of partners in our mission to scale up effective models of investments in watershed services.

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Support efficient and responsive program planning, implementation, and adaptive management, with an emphasis on demonstration activities, including through:

  • Contributing to identifying and refining strategic objectives with initiative team and partners;
  • Translating objectives and opportunities into clear and actionable workplans, in collaboration with partners;
  • Preparing contracts and sub-grant agreements to executive activities;
  • Maintaining regular communication with partners to track project progress, identify additional support or course changes needed; and ensure follow-through on deliverables;
  • Assisting in providing targeted technical or program support to project partners;
  • Gathering material from partners for project reports, lessons learned summaries, grant reporting and other products;
  • Evaluating progress against initiative objectives; and
  • Reporting on operational and budgetary progress, both internally and to donors and other stakeholders.

2. Support day-to-day organization and administration of the Water Initiative, including preparing and coordinating regular program meetings and reviews;

3. Coordinate and participate in site visits, workshops, side events, and webinars with international partners and experts;

4. Contribute to the preparation and production of program reports, newsletters, blogs, publications, and presentations for public, partner, and stakeholder audiences.

5. Assist with research and analysis on technical and policy issues; and

6. Contribute to fundraising efforts for the Initiative, including through grant writing and preparation.

Incubator Program Associate

The Incubator program is seeking a part-time Associate to support the development of program featuring payments for ecosystem services in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. The Associate will join a small team of practitioners supporting programs inspired by leading thinkers in the areas of climate change mitigation and watershed conservation. Working with the Associate Director for Project Management and Finance, the incumbent will facilitate transactions that align the interests of private sector, policy makers, and civil society.

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Build relationships with local partners in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, facilitating the planning and implementation of work plans, workshops, etc. Communicate regularly with partners to track project progress, identify additional support or course changes needed, and ensure follow-through on deliverables;

2. Review work products and recommend follow up actions;

3. Assist in providing targeted technical or program support, either directly or through other FT staff or advisors;

4. Contribute to reports, publications, and presentations for public dissemination

5. Support proposal writing and grant reporting processes

6. Support contract management and other administrative functions as needed.

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