Who Cares About Water Articles on Ecosystem Marketplace?

11345573736_83dc972152_oWater was a hot topic in 2013 as companies became more aware of their water risks, nations struggled with drought and other water crises, and water pollution continues to endanger people, agriculture, and ecosystems. Ecosystem Marketplace tracks all of these stories, acting as a one-stop shop for people interested in news about water and water markets.  So who cares about water – and what do they care about?

 In 2013, readers were interested in learning more about classic examples of water-related ecosystem services markets, like New York City’s revolutionary project to protect its drinking water. They also learned more about the basics of watershed markets, seeking out articles on the scale and basic structures of the water trading market. In addition, summaries of reports showing how ecological value should be included in economic assessments drew readers.

In addition to the basics, readers also sought to learn about newer watershed payment schemes in the region, from a USDA initiative to protect the endangered Mississippi River Basin to a water trust set up to restore water flow in the Colorado River.  On-the-ground examples of using ecological value to assess the true cost of environmental degradation or economic value rounded off the selection, with readers seeking to learn more about the true cost of water pollution from new fossil fuel development in Arkansas and Alberta and how to finance wetland restoration in the Gulf Coast through engagement of business stakeholders with high water-related risk.

Coming up next time… a look at water readership on Valorando Naturaleza, the Spanish-language version of Ecosystem Marketplace.

The Top 9 Water – Related Articles on Ecosystem Marketplace

  1. Ecosystem Services in the New York Watershed

  2. Watershed Payments Topped $8.17 Billion in 2011

  3. A New Strategy to Improve Water Quality One Targeted Watershed at a Time

  4. Charting New Waters – SOWP Report

  5. Water Trading: The Basics

  6. Arkansas Oil and the High Cost of Dirty Water

  7. New TEEB Report Integrates Wetland Value and Economic Policy

  8. Building a More Resilient Gulf

  9. In the Colorado Delta, a Little Water Goes a Long Way

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