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New Study from CI on Importance of Cloud Forests to Dams Around World


The results of a four-year study, published in the journal Ecosystem Services this month, has revealed that cloud forests are responsible for filtering almost half of all surface water in tropical dam watersheds, despite covering just 4.4% of the tropical dam watersheds they inhabit globally. The data, which offers context to the relative productivity and importance of cloud forests to freshwater stores, energy production and biodiversity health, provides land managers and decision makers with critical information, which can be used to evaluate the high economic and ecologic value of cloud forests to healthy, sustainable societies.  The study will also help to define priority areas for conservation within dam watersheds to optimize the natural benefits from cloud forests as well as the performance of dams.


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The full paper is available via CI here.

VIDEO: Interviews with Francois Muenger (SDC) and Roger Loyola (MINAM)

Check out this video, featuring interviews with Roger Loyola, Director General of the Office of Evaluation, Valuation, and Financing of Natural Heritage, part of the Ministry of Environment of Peru, and Francois Muenger, Head of Global Water Initiatives Program at the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).

The interviews were done last week while Mr. Muenger visited the SDC mission in Lima, Peru – in part to meet with individuals from the Ministry of Environment and other partner organizations working on the Watershed Services Incubator established in MINAM last year as part of a partnership with Forest Trends’ water initiative. The interviews are in Spanish.

Katoomba China – 1 month away



We are now just one month away from Katoomba XVIII: Forests, Water, and People, which will take place in Beijing’s Olympic Village and will be hosted by Forest Trends, the Katoomba Group, and the Capital Greening Commission of Beijing. Co-hosts of the event are the Beijing Parks and Forestry Department of International Cooperation, the Beijing Forestry Society, and the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR).

You can find the most up-to-date info on the event here or contact Gena Gammie for more details. Click the link below to see what info we have available now.

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Kicking Off “Scaling Up”

hatching box turtle-Liam McGranaghan

Welcome to Scaling Up! This is a place for Forest Trends, our partners, and others in our community of practice to stay in touch on efforts to scale up investments in watershed services.

This blog will feature regular Updates from the Water Initiative team to keep you updated on new and upcoming developments, meetings, workshops, reports, and so on. We also need to hear from you – what are you learning, doing, and seeing?

We’ll also regularly feature Op-Eds (which we hope will turn into threads through utilizing the comments section) to explore important themes, strategies, and ideas.

Our vision is for this blog to help to facilitate a regular exchange of experience and ideas — to really begin to activate our community of practice. Let’s see what we can do!

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